Carnifex - Graveside Confessions (2021)


Unleashing one of the most punishing and oppressive releases of 2021, today we have Carnifex and their latest opus “Graveside Confessions”. With all the pent up energy of not being able to tour during the pandemic, Scott Lewis and company return with a vengeance striking with 15 tracks and over 63 minutes of crushing Deathcore. What makes this release standout is that it is beyond brutal, something the listeners will certainly appreciate.

Opening with the album title track, the band unleashes a brutal onslaught of harsh screams, pummeling drums, and incisive riffs that will rattled the listener off his seat. The heat is on as tracks like “Pay for Peace”, “Seven Souls”, and “Cursed” continue the violence, but with some interesting atmospheric elements thrown into the mix, making the band’s sound have more depth and variation. For example, “Carry us Away” has a very melancholic edge to it, while the typical Deathcore aggression is front and center.

Not satisfied with the brutality of the first few songs, “Countess of Perpetual Torment” and “Cold Dead Summer” up the ante and sound like straight-up Death Metal tracks with chugging riffs and crafty tempo changes. As an extra special element, the band re-recorded “Collaborating Like Killers”, “My Heart in Atrophy”, and “Slit Wrist Savior” from their “Dead in My Arms” debut release, giving them an even more vicious edge.

As a whole, “Graveside Confessions” is one hell of a punishing release that goes on for quite a while, 63 minutes to be precise. The band channels all their pandemic-stored energy through these tracks and it can be immediately felt. If you like Deathcore featuring sheer brutality paired with technical chops, it does not get any better than Carnifex with this release.

Band: Carnifex Album: Graveside Confessions

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: September 3rd, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Deathcore

Country: USA

Rating: 95/100

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