Korpituli - The Ancient Spells of the Past (2021)


There is nothing like some good old Finnish Black Metal to start the day. Luckily for us, today we have Korpituli and his debut full-length release “The Ancient Spells of the Past”. Featuring over 35 minutes of savage raw Black Metal adorned with some subtle synths and a moody pace, this release is just the perfect blend of melody, timing, and brutality.

Opening with the hypnotic “On Forgotten Paths”, we quickly get old Horna, Fimbulwinter, Behexen vibes thanks to the piercing tremolo picking and hellish screams. Far from linear, one-man machine S.Korpituli nicely adds a certain atmospheric touch with songs like the instrumental “At Nightfall” and “Longing for the Unheard Of”, creating a very immersive and yet demoralizing listening experience, similar to what Burzum achieved on “Filosofem”.

Our favorite track has to be the haunting “The Ancient Spells Of The Past” and its mixture of eerie atmospherics, clean and harsh vocals, paired with some downright sinister riffing. Perfectly capturing that cavernous and hellish atmosphere, the closer “Pale Homeward Souls” will leave the listener wanting more from Korpituli and its bone-chilling exploits. As a whole, this album provides a very nostalgic and familiar vibe, while crafting a unique path for this very promising one-man outfit.

Band: Korpituli Album: The Ancient Spells of the Past

Label: Korpituli Productions

Release: July 19th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 94/100

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