Jinjer - Wallflowers (2021)


When a band usually says that their latest album is the heaviest to date, they are usually just playing the marketing game. However, once in a blue moon, this is actually true, and “Wallflowers” from Jinjer is one of those rare exceptions. Featuring an even more explosive and expansive sound than before, this release will certainly propel the band’s status thanks to its incisive and crafty songs.

The band opens with the in-your-face track “Call Me A Symbol” and never looks back, from Tatiana’s mountrous harsh vocals to the throbbing bass guitar and crafty drumming, this track sets a very intense pace. Songs like “Colossus”, “Vortex”, and “Disclosure!” perfectly showcase the band’s versatility and explosivity, going from playful clean vocal passages to crushing guitars and diverse tempo changes.

By the time we reached “Copycat” our neck was sore and our speakers almost blew out, thanks to the albums wide range of emotions with melancholic pieces like “Pearls and Swine”, “Sleep of the Righteous”, and “Wallflower”, to the sheer aggression of “Dead Hands Feel No Pain”. We particularly enjoy tracks like “As I Boil Ice” which feature a great duality to them, as there are heavy riffs, growls, and yet there are also jazzy and proggy elements adding a whole new dimension to the band’s sound.

As explosive as their live shows, “Wallflowers” is a brilliant release from Jinjer. Improving on all aspects from “Macro”, the band has refined their unique style to be both brutal and elegant. While the band’s original naivety is part of their DNA, the more refined aspects of their music perfectly blend together to create eleven extremely powerful and diverse tracks. If you loved any of their early stuff, or Core/Djent-oriented music, this is an album you can’t miss out on.

Band: Jinjer Album: Wallflowers

Label: Personal Records

Release: August 27th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Djent/Metalcore/Progressive Metal

Country: Ukraine

Rating: 95/100

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