The Amenta - Solipschism (2021)


As if their 2021 full-length “Revelator” wasn’t enough, today we have Australia’s The Amenta back with an interesting 2-song EP titled “Solipschism”. Not that we are complaining, the band first makes us wait 8 years between releases and now we are treated to more madness in less than 6 months. Again, proceed with caution as this Aussie band kicks some serious ass while introducing some weird and creepy ideas.

With a heavier focus on atmosphere and weirdness, the release kicks off with “Solipschism”, a highly atmospheric piece with very eerie arrangements and a solemn pace. This track is a fresh and creepy soundscape that sets a very dark mood. The second piece, “Labourinth” slowly builds from distorted guitars with an industrial vibe to a more expansive crushing piece with hellish vocals alongside crafty drums and a faster pace, and a particularly dissonant closing.

Nothing is ever standard or linear with The Amenta and “Solipschism” is no exception to this rule. While short, these two tracks are a nice complement to “Revelator” and a worthy addition to the band’s musical legacy. If you are looking for something weird and unconventional, or are a big fan of the band, you can’t miss out on this EP release.

Band: The Amenta Album: Solipschism

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: August 20th, 2021

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Genre: Industrial/Avantgarde Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 93/100

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