Nigrum Pluviam - Eternal Fall into the Abyss (2021)


One-man battalion Nigrum Pluviam is ready to unleash to the world its debut full-length “Eternal Fall into the Abyss”. Released through Signal Rex, mastermind Kraëh Määtruum delivers one of the most punishing and lo-fi releases of 2021. With a sound from the 90’s and a legit production style, the listener is treated to 40 minutes of cavernous and demoralizing music.

Opening with the mysterious intro “The Whisper of the Black Rain”, things really get down and dirty with the pummeling “A Catharsis for the Wretched Carrying the Divine Cross”, a track that quickly reminds us of bands like Fimbulwinter and old-school Gehenna. As tracks like “The Reflection of Your Agony in the Vulture's Eyes”, and “Devotion to Absolute Evil” spew their rawness, we can enjoy some blistering tremolo-picking alongside hellish vocals and a very oppressive atmosphere.

After splitting the release with the atmospheric piece “Passage”, the band unleashes their best pieces with the brilliant “Shadows and Lights” and ““In the Suffocating Mist”, both filled with hateful and aggressive onslaughts. The band’s eerie mixture of atmosphere and lo-fi production values make tracks like “From the Earth to the Abyss Through Suffering” extra eerie. Recommended for fans of old-school Black Metal that like their music to be as raw as possible, “Eternal Fall into the Abyss” is one of those releases that feel lost in time.

Band: Nigrum Pluviam Album: Eternal Fall into the Abyss

Label: Signal Rex

Release: July 30th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 88/100

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