Angstskríg - Skyggespil (2021)


Unleashing a very unique brand of Black’n’Roll with Groove Metal elements, Denmark’s Angstskríg manages to inject extra catchiness to an already catchy subgenre of Black Metal. Featuring six tracks and plenty of guests, “Skyggespil” is an engaging and highly unconventional killer release.

From the start, the album title track takes on guitar-driven Black Metal reminiscent of older Immortal and Satyricon, but introducing additional grooviness, making their music quite catchy and yet incisive. The vocalist snarls are the perfect fit for the guest appearance of usually live-guitarist Attila Vörös. Showing more of the band’s own brand of chaos, “Uhygge” is an excellent old-school BM piece filled with a pulsating bass guitar line and some interesting surprises as the song progresses, touching some decadent Gothic influences.

The release continues with the piercing “Lad Paladserne Brænde”, and the extremely engaging “Lucifer Kalder” filled with catchy tempo changes and a crazy cool guest appearance by Frédéric LeClércq. The band completely goes off script with tracks like “Slæbt Gennem”, which has a very doomy vibe thanks to the punishing guitars and extra elements provided by guests Mathias Lillmåns and Tomas Elofsson.

Saving the best for last, “Knæfald”' features Soilwork’s Sylvain Coudret and Frederik Brandt Jakobsen, further shaping or ‘misshaping’ the band's unique and powerful sound. Overall, “Skyggespil” is one of those releases that instantly makes you do a double take and focus 100% on the music. The band’s sound is quite versatile and engaging, allowing for both genre purist and experimental BM fans to enjoy it.

Band: Angstskríg Album: Skyggespil

Label: Despotz Records

Release: May 28th, 2021

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Genre: Black'n'Roll / Groove

Country: Denmark

Rating: 92/100

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