Archaeopteris - Visions chaotiques d´un songe halluciné (2021)


Unleashing a very unique and disturbing combination of Black Metal, Death Metal, and some atmospheric elements, today we have France’s Archaeopteris and their debut EP “Visions chaotiques d´un songe halluciné”. With a short but chaotic duration, this release delivers both aggression and extreme weirdness. Definitely recommended for fans of the bizarre and unconventional.

Opening with “Visions Chaotiques”, after a short atmospheric intro, the band instantly dives into the depths of hell with a fierce combination of punishing riffs and crafty drums. Far from traditional, this track changes tempos very oddly, creating a very cavernous and yet disturbing atmosphere. The second song, “Songe Halluciné” leads with lush acoustic guitars as it quickly transitions into piercing aggressive guitars and deep harsh screams.

As one of the most unconventional releases we have heard in a while, “Visions chaotiques d´un songe halluciné” is still very engaging and entertaining. Archaeopteris sound is quite chaotic and destructive, but still delivers some introspection with unique arrangements and atmospheric passages. If you like weird things, you will for sure like this release.

Band: Archaeopteris Album: Visions chaotiques d´un songe halluciné

Label: Personal Records

Release: June 18th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Experimental Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 92/100

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