The Nightly Disease - Delicate White Sound (2021)


One man Italian outfit The Nightly Disease is ready for the spotlight with their excellent debut full-length release “Delicate White Sound”. Unleashing nearly 40 minutes of highly intoxicating atmospheric music, this release delicately blends Doom and Atmospheric Metal with additional instrumental elements. While many bands seem formulaic in nature, this one-man project carves very unique moods through the four tracks presented here.

After creating an eerie atmosphere with its first few minutes, the first part slowly transforms into a doomier version of older Burzum music. The hypnotic drums and guitars create a very regal and yet piercing vibe. We particularly enjoy the Doomy vibe the song features in its second half, as it nicely progresses with the acoustic guitars and more ambient elements of the second part.

The distorted guitars return in the 13-minute third part, creating another melancholic piece with crafty drums and interesting tempo changes. While we love instrumental music, some vocals would have been a nice complement to the very dreamy keyboard infused interludes and heavier sections. The last part is a nice sendoff with a more neo-folky vibe reminding us of bands like Tenhi.

Overall, “Delicate White Sound” is an excellent debut release filled with interesting details and solid ideas. The dreamy atmospheres and their contrast with the heavy guitars and doomy elements is very well crafted, making The Nightly Disease an interesting outfit to keep and ear out for. Highly recommended for fans of more ‘active’ ambient or Atmospheric music.

Band: The Nightly Disease Album: Delicate White Sound

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: June 18th, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 90/100

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