White Ward - Debemur Morti (2021)


Marking the release number 200 from the forward thinking label Debemur Morti, Ukraine’s White Ward unleash two very unique pieces of music with their signature style. Featuring anything but traditional elements, this release delivers nearly 18 minutes of enigmatic and highly experimental Black Metal. For the uninitiated, White Ward is one of the most exciting bands of the last few years, with their expertly crafted experimental music featuring heavy atmospheres and an avant-garde mixture of elements and styles that puts them years ahead from their competition.

Opening with the EP title track, the band first sets a very jazzy and sultry atmosphere that quickly escalates into full on blistering drums alongside a sexy saxophone. Things pick up as the aggressive BM onslaughts proceed alongside crafty tempo changes. If this wasn’t enough, guest vocalist Lars Nedland (Solefald, Borknagar) soaring clean vocals provides a brilliant complement to an already highly intricate backdrop.

The second track in this release is the highly moody and very intoxicating “Embers”. Starting with a loungey vibe created by the jazzy sax, this track slowly transitions into depressive territories with lush distorted guitars and harsh vocals. Closing the track strongly with a furious onslaught, reminds the listener that White Ward is not just atmosphere and weirdness, but also raw aggression. As a whole, “Debemur Morti” is a great EP for us to be hungry for new music from White Ward and their intoxicating style.

Band: White Ward Album: Debemur Morti

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: June 25th, 2021

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Genre: Experimental/Post Black Metal

Country: Ukraine

Rating: 97/100

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