CMPT - Mrtvaja (2021)


Hailing from Serbia, CMPT is an anonymous punishing Black Metal outfit with hints of atmospheric elements. In this two song EP, the band instantly makes a name for themselves with a very unique and highly engaging 20 minutes of music. For fans of piercing BM that is both melodic and highly aggressive, this release will leave you wanting more.

Opening with an ominous atmospheric intro that suddenly transforms into all-out-war, this first track creates a lasting impression on the listener. The contrast of imposing atmospherics with the ravaging guitars and intense drumming perfectly set the backdrop from the harsh screams and crafty tempo changes. With a more hellish vibe, the second track in this release is filled with pummeling riffs and creepy transitions from raw aggression to eerie atmospherics.

As a whole, “Mrtvaja” is one hell of a presentation card for CMPT. In this release, the band creates a very familiar but yet unique and punishing sound, making them standout from the rest. We particularly enjoyed that this EP is far from linear as each track explores both raw brutality and eerie atmospherics, and transitions between them in a very well-crafted manner. This release is definitely a must-have for fans of complex Black Metal.

Band: CMPT Album: Mrtvaja

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: May 28th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Serbia

Rating: 91/100

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