Hiraes - Solitary (2021)


Hailing from Germany, today we have Dawn of Disease 2.0, under the name of Hiraes. Featuring all members of DoD up until 2019 plus a talented new vocalist in Britta Görtz, the band is ready to continue releasing highly melodic Death Metal that is both technically proficient and extremely catchy. Being huge fans of the genre, “Solitary” provides a very promising introduction from this band as they start their journey, already being compared with bands like Dark Tranquility, Nightrage, etc.

The release opens with the moody “Shadows Break” and its incisive guitar work, perfectly paired with Britta’s powerful growls. Crafted with intricate tempo changes, powerful distorted guitars and a perfect pace for headbanging, “Under Fire” and “Grain of Sand” continue the highly melodic and engaging mood. We particularly enjoy how each song is crafted to deliver a different facet of the band while solidifying their core elements, like the traditional “1000 Lights” and the Amon Amarth/Arch Enemy-esque “Eyes Over Black” and its killer guitar leads.

Our favorite track has to be the crafty “Outshine” and its Insomnium-esque soaring guitars and melodic tempo changes. Tracks like “Strangers” and “Solitary” are infused with some Modern Melodic Metal elements, creating a very unique mixture of old-school and new influences. Saving one of the best for last, “Running out of Time” delivers a wide variety of melodic elements.

As a whole, “Solitary” is one very powerful and well crafted release. However, this should not be surprising as the musicians behind the band have plenty of experience. Hiraes does sound different than Dawn of Disease, so expect to find some surprises and improvements in this release. Highly recommended for fans of Amon Amarth (sans the Viking stuff), Dark Tranquility and Arch Enemy.

Band: Hiraes Album: Solitary

Label: Napalm Records

Release: June 25th, 2021

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Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 92/100

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