Seeming Emptiness - Bliss Entombed (2021)


Always surprising us with high quality and engaging releases, Rain Without End records is ready to unleash the third full-length release of Seeming Emptiness, titled “Bliss Entombed”. For the uninitiated, this band features members/ex-members of In Mourning and October Tide while creating a very unique blend of Melodic Death Metal, Doom, with some Post-Rock elements. With over 50 minutes of highly melancholic music, this release will please any fan of the previously mentioned bands and genres.

Opening with the Katatonia-esque “An Impious End”, we get a very moody track with crafty drums, incisive guitars and a well balanced mix of growls and clean vocals. Showing a more dynamic and yet melancholic side, tracks like “What Spirits Forebode” and “Infernal Charade” perfectly mix all of the band’s influences and are complemented with soaring clean vocals and engaging tempo changes.

As our favorite track, “Quavering Sorrow” perfectly adds a Post-Rock layer to an already killer dreamy track filled with solid headbanging passages and tons of weeping guitars. More traditional Doomy pieces like “The Olden Shroud” and “Bliss Entombed” are infused with freshness by the style of the clean vocals adding an extra dimension to the band’s sound. However, a good traditional crushing and melancholic piece like “The Burning Wrath” is definitely a great addition.

Closing with the dreamy “Conclusion”, we find ourselves quite impressed as to how Melodic Death/Doom Metal can be complemented with more fresh and modern elements. Seeming Emptiness continues to refine their sound while releasing very interesting songs, making “Bliss Entombed” a very unique and highly enjoyable release. If you like melancholy and craftsmanship with a dose of melodic riffs, growls, and soaring clean vocals, this is the album for you.

Band: Seeming Emptiness Album: Bliss Entombed

Label: Rain Without End Records

Release: May 30th, 2021

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Genre: Melodic Death/Doom Metal

Country: International

Rating: 95/100

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