Vrexiza - Vrexiza (2021)


Unleashing a 21 minute blistering self-titled album, today we have Canada’s Vrexiza and their no-bullisht Black Metal. Picked up to be released in tape format by Signal Rex, this 4 track release delivers waves of crushing riffs, pummeling vocals, and crafty tempos. Nothing fancy or overproduced here, just straight up raw and demoralizing BM.

The release opens with the crushing “Iron Spectres” and its intricate guitar work. Delivering a swift and brutal blow to the back of the head, this track is expertly crafted to be pummeling and highly demoralizing. After the intense opening, “Hürtgenwald” changes the pace to a more hypnotic, atmospheric, and incisive piece with piercing riffs, mid-tempo hellish vocals and blistering headbanging passages.

As we cross over to the second side, “Corpses of Fervor” give you that raw Watain vibe, crafted via piercing guitars and all-out-war tempo increases. With a very organic and punishing sound, the band’s craft delivers that old-school BM vibe with a few adjustments to increase brutality. Closing with the sinister “Vanitas I”, we are completely intoxicated by how direct, barebones, and yet effective this release is. If you want serious BM without the flair or over the top aesthetics, this is the band for you.

Band: Vrexiza Album: Vrexiza

Label: Signal Rex

Release: July 30th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 92/100

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