Jess and the Ancient Ones - Vertigo (2021)


After a four year wait, we have Finland’s Psychedelic Rockers Jess and the Ancient Ones finally back with their mesmerizing “Vertigo” release. Being huge fans of the band since their self-titled debut, we are excited to hear how their music continues to evolve and deliver warm and fuzzy vibes. Highly recommended for fans of bands like Jex Thoth, Purson, and even Tribulation, this release unleashes around 40 minutes of superbly crafted and highly groovy music.

The album kicks off with the mysterious guitars of “Burning Of The Velvet Fires”, and as soon as Jess’s vocals come to light, the mood turns sultry and enigmatic. We particularly love how the band uses synths and crafty drums to create immersive Psychedelic experiences that are perfectly adorned by Jess’s distinctive vocals and Thomas Corpse’s playful guitars, as heard in pieces like “World Paranormal”, “Talking Aboard”, and the funky “Talking Board”.

With a very well crafted and defined style, the band gives that old-school Horror movie vibe in pieces like “Love Zombi” and “Summer Tripping Man”, as each track offers a unique cinematic experience. Our favorite pieces have to be the funkadelic “Born to Kill” with its engaging bass guitar line and killer chorus section, and the highly dynamic “What’s on your Mind” and its crafty tempo changes.

Closing with the more experimental and melancholic “Strange Earth Illusion”, the band showcases a more mellow and introspective style. As always before, Jess is a central piece of the band’s unique style, and the music created around her talented vocals fully immerses the listener into magical retro vibes that feel extremely authentic and not forced, like with other bands. If you like Psychedelic music and have never heard of JATAO, you are in for a treat. If you are a long time fan, this release sets a new high bar for the band.

Band: Jess and the Ancient Ones Album: Vertigo

Label: Svart Records

Release: May 21st, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Country: Finland

Rating: 95/100

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