Dordeduh - Har (2021)


Creating a magical and transcendental aural experience, today we have Romania’s Dordeduh and their latest effort “Har”. It has been nine years since the band’s debut release and the wait was well worth it, thanks to the maturity and polish put into these 61 minutes of music. Mixing the early Negură Bunget folk mysticism with the modern proggy Black Metal elements of Enslaved, this release is filled with interesting passages and extremely intoxicating melodies.

The album starts with the ritualistic intro of “Timpul întâilor”, as the song evolves we get that nice playful Enslaved-esque mixture of distorted guitars, crafty tempo changes, and mystical atmospherics. This opener clocks in at 12 minutes, giving the listener a great taste of what is to come, we particularly love the very melodic and dramatic vocal arrangements in this track. The sweeping guitars and keyboards of “În vieliștea uitării”, create a very imposing mood, perfectly contrasted by sinister harsh vocals, and more playful clean vocal arrangements.

Magical pieces like the funky “Descânt” and its quirkiness, alongside “Vraci de nord” and “Desferecat” with their mysterious progginess make “Har” a truly unique and transportative experience due to its many atmospheric levels, influences, and blended musical styles. Another personal favorite has to be the folky “De neam vergur”, and its hammered dulcimer mixed in with subtle distorted guitars, lush keyboards and trippy melodic passages.

After close with the atmospheric piece “Văznesit”, we are left completely floored and impressed by the high quality and intricate ideas presented in “Har”. After not being huge fans of the band’s debut release, we can say that Dordeduh have grown into their skin and managed to deliver one of the most captivating releases of 2021. Whether you're a fan of Negură Bunget or bands like Enslaved, this release perfectly blends multiple genres and creates a very unique and highly atmospheric cinematic experience.

Band: Dordeduh Album: Har

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: May 14th, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric/Progressive Folk/Black Metal

Country: Romania

Rating: 96/100

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