Lunar Mantra - Psychosomatika (2021)


Unleashing a very interesting Ambient-infused Black Metal release, today we have Lunar Mantra and their latest EP “Psychosomatika”. With a completely crushing and nicely layered sound, this band reminds us of Decline the I, Nightbringer, and Blaze of Perdition, thanks to their ferocity and intricate atmospheric layering they craft. If you like dense and punishing Black Metal with some Ambient elements, this release is a solid candidate for your collection.

After a short intro, “Nexicthon” quickly delivers waves of ravaging guitars, firm harsh growls, and very unique and anxiety inducing tempo changes. The band’s sound is quite elaborate, with tons of underlying atmospheric elements that create an enigmatic aura around tracks like the ritualistic “Azothic Pyres” and its hypnotic guitar work. While not as straight-forward as some would expect, we love that the band challenges the listener with complex layering and crafty songwriting.

Closing with the transcendental Ambient piece “Aghora”, which delivers some Indian/Middle-Eastern influenced elements alongside ethereal vocal arrangements, Lunar Mantra ends a very peculiar release in definitely a very peculiar way. For a short EP, “Psychosomatika” really shows the creativity and unique execution from this band, making us even more excited about any future releases they might put out.

Band: Lunar Mantra Album: Psychosomatika

Label: Invictus Productions

Release: May 7th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Scotland

Rating: 91/100

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