Paysage d'Hiver - Geister (2021)


Delivering eleven piercing icicles of frosty Atmospheric Black Metal, today we have one-man battalion Paysage d'Hiver and their latest full-length release “Geister”. For the uninitiated, this band is Tobias Möckl's (Darkspace) solo-project that mainly focuses on Winter-inspired raw and punishing music. Captivating the scene with countless demos, this is just the second official full-length release, and it is one hell of a pummeling ride.

With the typical samples of eerie winds, “Schattä” takes a bit to blast off into infamy with razor sharp screens and violent riffs. The band’s core sound is raw and savage, while the trippy atmospheric undertones allows it to create a captivating experience. As the release pummels through “Bluet”, “Wüetig”, and the more mellow “Undä”, the listener experiences various levels of intensity under the same intoxicating atmosphere.

The interplay between highly aggressive tracks (“Äschä”) and more melodic oriented pieces (“Wärzä”) make this release a highly diverse and engaging one. Each track features its unique sets of crafty and at even times Black’n’Roll-ish riffs, but the savage screams always make the songs feel more aggressive than the music leads you to believe. Evoking the early days of Scandinavian Black Metal, pieces like “Schtampfä” and “Schuurig” have a very sharp Darkthrone/early Burzum vibe.

Closing with the strictly ambient piece “Geischtr”, this release showcases Paysage d'Hiver masterful skills in creating haunting atmospheres alongside razor-sharp Black Metal onslaughts. Most Atmospheric Black Metal releases focus on ‘pretty’ and lush atmospherics, “Geister” goes for the opposite with cavernous and soul crushing ambiance. Highly recommended for fans of dark and desolate raw music.

Band: Paysage d'Hiver Album: Geister

Label: Kunsthall Produktionen/Prophecy Productions

Release: April 23rd, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 93/100

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