Les Chants du Hasard - Livre Troisième (2021)


It has been a while that we have received an interesting neoclassical release like “Livre Troisième” from Les Chants du Hasard. Channeling a mixture of the turmoil of Elend’s music and the sinister side of the orchestrations and vocal arrangements of Devil Doll, this release unleashes nearly 45 minutes of a very cinematic and harrowing aural experience. Filled with dramatic and moody arrangements, this album is quite interesting and lush.

Opening with the dramatic and quite regal “Le Moine”, a very epic and somber backdrop is set. Followed by “Les Prismes”, a piece that establishes a cinematic experience with its tempo changes and very dramatic vocal arrangements. “Le Reflet” has to be one of our favorite tracks thanks to its over-the-top operatic vocals dueling with creepy harsh screams and a very tense orchestral backdrop, raising our heart rate as the track reaches its climax.

The male operatic vocals on “Salve Regina” give it a certain old Therion-esque vibe while the lush arrangements deliver a sense of turmoil and chase. Filled with eerie children voices, “La Comptine” is one of the album’s most beautifully crafted tracks and also one of the creepiest, thanks to its subtle and yet very dramatic somber arrangements. The catharsis of this release is reached with the hellish “L'oubli” and its cirquesque antics, creating a very effective and horrifying mood.

As the release comes to a close with “Le Repos”, we are left quite impressed with the quality and cinematic values of “Livre Troisième”. We are huge fans of Elend and Devil Doll, and Les Chants du Hasard manages to carve a place right next to them with their unique vision and expert songwriting skills. Each track is very well arranged and filled with lush and creepy elements that need more than a few spins to fully understand and enjoy.

Band: Les Chants du Hasard Album: Livre Troisième

Label: Self Released

Release: April 9th, 2021

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Genre: Neoclassical

Country: France

Rating: 95/100

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