Můra - Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals (2021)


Hailing from the Czech republic, today we have newcomers Můra and their creepy and cavernous amalgamation of Death Metal with Doom influences. While the genre has evolved in multiple directions in the last few years, there is still nothing like chugging guitar riffs and firm growls. This release delivers both elements in droves, making it perfect for older fans of the genre.

Opening with the 11-minute excruciating piece “Chambers of Decay”, the band sets a very dark and punishing atmosphere that has some elements of Funeral Doom Metal with slower variants of traditaionl Death Metal. The band’s crunchy guitars and crafty leads helps them avoid monotony as this track weaves back and forth different levels of aggression and tempos.

The more settled “Pest Procession” starts with nicely melodic riffs that slowly delve into more cavernous territories. Just think of a mixture of Centinex with Thergothon and you get close to the band’s crushing and yet quite mellow sound. For a debut EP release, “Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals” shows that Můra might be onto some interesting and promising in the future as their music is quite punishing and engaging.

Band: Můra Album: Doom Invocations and Narcotic Rituals

Label: Caligari Records

Release: March 25th, 2021

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Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 90/100

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