Malum - Devil’s Creation (2021)


Just when you think you have heard all the great Black Metal bands from Finland, an outfit like Malum shows you that there are still plenty more to discover. Thanks to Purity Through Fire, today we have “Devil’s Creation”, the band’s fourth full-length release. Unleashing nearly 40 minutes of well polished and intense music, this release is for fans of outfits like Algazanth, Behexen and Satanic Warmaster.

After a brisk mood setting intro, “Serpent of The Abyss” blows things wide open with ravaging screams, intense riffing, and crafty atmospherics. The band’s sound is raw and powerful, while certain melodic undertones allow their music to be immersive and crushing. Typical Black Metal pieces like “Messiaan kuolema” and the album title track deliver waves of traditional drum patterns alongside furious guitar and vocal work, making the band’s approach to the genre timeless and violent.

More tempered pieces like the brilliant “The Curse”, feature the band’s rawness balanced alongside minimalist atmospherics and solid tempo changes, creating a darker and more enigmatic atmosphere. Those looking for that retro edge in the band’s music, you will find pieces like “Dead but Breeding” that are superbly intense and full of power. The closer “Son of the Dracul”, delivers an intense bass guitar line alongside some excellent headbanging moments with some crafty Black’n’Roll-ish elements.

As a whole, “Devil’s Creation” is one hell of a raw and intense release that still manages to deliver some diversity and interesting ideas to the genre. Malum succeeds in creating punishing tracks with crafty elements that makes them distinguishable from each other, allowing the listener to get a wider and more diverse experience. If you like powerful Black Metal filled with traditional elements an a melodic edge, this is one band you can’t miss.

Band: Mourners Album: Act I: Tragedies

Label: Personal Records

Release: February 5th, 2021

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Genre: Funeral Doom Metal

Country: Romania

Rating: 92/100

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