Ifrinn - Caledonian Black Magick (2021)


Mysterious Scottish entity Ifrinn is ready to unleash their debut EP titled “Caledonian Black Magick”. Featuring over 24 minutes of crushing Black Metal, the band keeps things powerful and simple with a very direct and in-your-face approach. Recommended for fans of old-school BM with no room for weakness, this release is raw and powerful.

Opening with the excruciating album title track, the band sets an all-out war pace with its ravaging riffs and drumming, paired with hellish snarls. There is a certain feeling of unholiness and darkness as the opening track suddenly shifts into a somber melancholic passage just before another wave of brutality. If the first track was not enough to hook you on this band, “Silent Seas of Sorcery” delivers waves of incisive riffs and crafty drums. We particularly enjoy when the track descends in tempo and creates a very enveloping and sinister atmosphere.

This haunting atmosphere is very visceral in the closer: “Stellar Zephyrs”. Masterfully exploiting simple atmospheric arrangements alongside commanding guitars and vocals, the band creates a very punishing and enthralling piece. Overall, “Caledonian Black Magick” is one memorable debut EP that should create enough buzz around Ifrinn for their proper full-length debut in the future. If you like uncompromising Black Metal that is well crafted and quite cavernous, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Band: Ifrinn Album: Caledonian Black Magick

Label: The Sinister Flame

Release: April 30th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Scotland

Rating: 93/100

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