Kankar - Dunkle Millennia (2021)


Unleashing over 44 minutes of highly versatile Black Metal, today we have Germany’s Kankar and their debut release “Dunkle Millennia”. Borrowing bits and pieces of bands like Uada, Mgła, Inquisition and Gaerea, this duo ravages through 11 superbly catchy and well crafted tracks. If you like, melodic, firm, and yet crafty music, this is one release to explore.

Setting a very punishing and explosive mood with the opener “Gier”, the band nicely focuses on creating incisive melodic onslaughts that are catchy and aggressive as tracks like “Krater in Sarx”, “Zerfall des Lichts”, and “Vergeltung” level everything in their path. The Mgła-esque buzzing guitars and tempo, allow tracks like “Thüringer Schwarzmetall” and “Der Schütze”, to unleashe furious heabanging sessions as they are equally melodic and brutal.

Crafty songwriting like on “Neid” is really what keeps this release interesting and “Dunkle Millennia” a very engaging and uncompromising release. Kankar knows exactly how to craft intense and passionate short and direct songs, as the release comes to a close with the leveling aggression of “Pilgerreise” of the album title closer. Overall, this release is a must-have for fans of guitar driven Black Metal.

Band: Kankar Album: Dunkle Millennia

Label: Eisenwald

Release: March 19th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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