Nachtig - Der stille Wald (2021)


One man entity, Nachtig is ready to unleash misery to the masses with its second full-length release “Der stille Wald”. As yet another brilliant Black Metal project from V. V. (Cosmic Burial and Valosta Varjoon), this outfit explores the more atmospheric and depressive corners of the genre. Unleashing over 54 minutes of crushing music, this release is perfect for anybody looking for bands similar to Mortualia with some sprinkles of Heretoir.

The album title track opens the proceedings with fury and melancholy. Featuring mid-tempo drumming alongside piercing riffs and hellish vocals, a very oppressive and excruciating mood is quickly established. Perfectly pairing subtle atmospheric keyboards with weeping guitar riffs, the vibe continues to be misery-inducing as tracks like “Im Hohen Gras” and “Berg und Tal”. There are some hints of modern Post-Black Metal elements, making the songs lush and delicate while retaining the band’s core rawness.

Our favorite track is the solemn “Auf Ewig Mein” and its introspective opening that slowly progresses into vicious and yet catchy riffing with tons of melody embedded within them. As the release closes with “Wenn die Hoffnung stirbt…”, we get that nostalgic vibe of 90’s Black Metal alongside a hefty dose of melancholy, making the experience quite unique and enjoyable.

Overall, “Der stille Wald” is a very well polished and uniquely crafted release that brilliantly incorporates old-school and modern touches to create a very powerful atmosphere. While not completely Post-Black Metal, the added elements make the underlying atmosphere quite different from your typical band. If you are in the market for misery inducing music, it does not get any better than what Nachtig has unleashed in this release.

Band: Nachtig Album: Der stille Wald

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: March 21st, 2021

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Genre: Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 93/100

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