Orden Ogan - Final Days (2021)


Delivering their traditional high-octane Power Metal, today we have Germany’s Orden Ogan and their seventh full-length release “Final Days”. Featuring 50-minutes of superbly catchy and expertly crafted music, the band delivers one of their most epic and lively releases to date. Highly recommended for fans of bands like Stratovarius, Blind Guardian and Powerwolf, this is one of the highlights of the genre in 2021.

Opening with the catchiness of “Heart of the Android”, the band quickly sets a very engaging and epic atmosphere. With Niels Löffler switching to guitars and the addition of guitarist Patrick Sperling, the band sound is more dynamic and delivers a good amount of brilliant guitar leads and catchy passages, as we can hear on songs like “In the Dawn of the AI” and “Inferno”. As one would expect, the band’s epic vocal arrangements are a centerpiece of their sound and perfectly exploited in epic songs like “Let the Fire Rain”.

No Power Metal release is complete without epic guest appearances, the band features Gus G in “Interstellar”, and the enchanting vocals of Ylva Eriksson in the power ballad “Alone in the Dark”. Besides leading the band with his signature and versatile vocals, Seeb Levermann also handles the keyboards, adding a decent amount of atmosphere to the album. These futuristic atmospheric elements nicely frame the release’s lyrical content, and completely shine in crushing songs like “Absolution For Our Final Days”.

Closing with the melodramatic “It is Over”, the band certainly ends this release with a bang. Filled with extremely catchy and well-crafted songs, it is impossible to name a bad or dull track. “Final Days” perfectly delivers what one expects from an excellent band like Orden Ogan. Unleashing a bombastic and very lively experience, no fan of the genre should miss out on this release.

Band: Orden Ogan Album: Final Days

Label: AFM Records

Release: March 12th, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Power Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 92/100

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