SOM - Awake (2021)


Featuring members of bands like Constants, Junius, and Caspian, today we have the dreamy SOM and their highly intoxicating EP “Awake”. With two original songs and three remixes, this release is a teaser of what is to come from this unique outfit. Filled with tons of ethereal and highly atmospheric elements, the band’s sound is quite mellow and yet expansive and highly exploratory, creating a very cinematic listening experience.

Opening with the sweeping “Awake // Sedate”, we are quickly immersed in the band’s very dreamy sound thanks to its dramatic guitars and mellow vocals. There is certain warmth and dreaminess that is quite hard to describe, but is immediately felt when listening to this track. In a more dramatic fashion, “Youth // Decay'' delivers shoegazey emotions with a good dose of dream pop infused in the mix. We particularly love how the song slowly progresses, providing a truly energizing emotional rollercoaster ride.

The first remix, is a new version of the release’s first track by Holy Fawn, and it adds a certain industrial/synth pop vibe to the track while maintaining the original dreaminess. In the “Youth // Decay” remix, we get more of an ambient version of the piece, unleashing a very subtle apocalyptic vibe. For fans of Ulver and the resurgence of Synth pop, the remix of “Open Wounds” is a lively and engaging one with its soaring vocal arrangements. In a more mysterious and down-beat sense, the remix of “Prayers” features a more hypnotic and yet super catchy approach.

Overall, “Awake” is a very nice EP that will keep the fans of the band satisfied while recruiting new listeners with its superbly melodic foundations and dreamy execution. If you like Post-Rock/Shoegaze and are into bands like Mountaineer, Chrome Waves, and at some extent Sertraline (USA), SOM is a band you do not want to miss out on.

Band: SOM Album: Awake

Label: Blood Blast Distribution/Pelagic Records

Release: March 5th, 2021

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Genre: Post-Rock / Shoegaze

Country: International

Rating: 93/100

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