Wolvennest - Temple (2021)


Always pushing the envelope when it comes to unique aural experiences, Ván Records is set to unleash one of the most unique, and yet intoxicating releases of 2021 with Wolvennest’s “Temple”. Clocking in at nearly 80 minutes, this eight song release is filled with haunting atmospherics, eerie arrangements and solid doses of heaviness. Mixing elements from all kinds of genres like Psychedelic Metal, Ambient, to Apocalyptic Folk, and everything in between, this is one truly majestic experience that demands attention and patience.

The album warms up with the ambient/atmospheric elements of “Mantra”, a track that slowly evolves into a mystical piece with piercing guitars and eerie vocal arrangements. Reminding us a bit of Dark Buddha Rising but with some restraint, plus the enigmatic vocals of Shazzula. The mood feels rising with “Swear to Fire” and its incisive riffs and ghastly vocal melodies mixed in with a very crafty tempo and cathartic guitar leads.

If you are not fully entranced by the band’s sound, “Alecto” and “Incarnation” will subdue you into the band’s aural uniqueness. The later track gives us chills and it has a certain Sabbath Assembly vibe mixed with heavier guitar work. Our favorite song has to be the superbly creepy “Succubus”, which features King Dude on vocals, adding a whole new level of eeriness to the band’s somber and ritualistic sound. The somber “Disappear” is one of those highly memorable tracks that is filled with cool atmospherics, creating a very unique and at times EverEve-esque vibe.

Closing with the subtle and yet anxiety-inducing “Souffle de Mort”, we are left quite intoxicated by the band’s unique and emotionally charged musical approach. Every single track presents a wide variety of elements arranged in unconventional ways, creating very distinct and yet engaging soundscapes. While the album is long, it never feels this way as the music is quite involved and diverse, perfectly allowing the songs to flow, the band’s talents to shine, and the eeriness to ensue.

Band: Wolvennest Album: Temple

Label: Ván Records

Release: February 5th, 2021

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Genre: Experimental/Atmospheric/Psychedelic Metal

Country: Belgium

Rating: 95/100

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