The Amenta - Revelator (2021)


It has been a while since we have heard anything from Australia’s weird Industrial Metal outfit The Amenta. Returning with “Revelator”, the band continues their path of weirdness with an interesting blend of experimental elements and Industrial Metal foundations, creating a very chaotic and yet interesting sound. If you like odd and unconventional music with a good dose of heaviness, this release has some nice surprises in store for you.

The release starts with the pummeling “An Epoch Ellipsis”, a track that starts with a similar pace to Anaal Nathrakh’s music, but quickly shows that it is a completely different beast with funky tempo changes, soaring clean vocals, and some underlying industrial elements. The uniqueness of “Sere Money” nicely changes the pace a bit as the band showcases their more melodic and catchy side, with lush rhythmic sections and a nice blend of harsh and clean vocals.

After the experimental and atmospheric “Silent Twin”, the band delivers one of their heaviest tracks in this release with “Psoriastasis”. Drummer David Haley completely crushes it in this track, and pretty much all the release, but this should not come as a complete surprise as he is also the drummer of Psycroptic and Runes. Our favorite track has to be the mysterious “Twined Towers” and its more somber atmosphere and crafty vocal arrangements.

Always hard to pinpoint their style, tracks like “Parasight Lost”, “Overpast”, and the closer “Parse Over”, always show different and new facades to the band’s amorphous sound. With a plethora of cool ideas, interesting vocal styles and arrangements, and an underlying knack for brutality, “Revelator” is one hell of a unique release in 2021. The Amenta is certainly back and with a vengeance as this release makes quite an impression.

Band: The Amenta Album: Revelator

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: February 19th, 2021

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Genre: Experimental/Industrial Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 91/100

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