Hån - Breathing the Void (2021)


Crafty and melodic Black Metal releases are on the rise with bands like Uada and Mgła, Switzerland is throwing their hat in the ring with Hån and their latest release “Breathing the Void”. Featuring over 46 minutes of blistering music, this release perfectly balances raw aggression with melody and a top-notch production. Highly recommended for fans of this modern approach to a timeless genre.

After an ominous intro, the album title track delivers waves of crushing guitars and intense drumming. The band does a solid job in crafting intelligent tracks that are marked by catchiness and aggression. Similar to bands like Misþyrming, the melody infused by the twin-guitar attack into songs like “Olethrus”, “Enter An Eternal World”, and “Goatman”, serves as the perfect contrast to the harsh vocals and the tempo changes.

Being more than a one-trick pony, tracks like “Asterion” and “Dissent” deliver that suffocating atmosphere that traditional BM bands like Horna effortlessly create. There are certain sinister undertones to tracks like “Lost Souls” and “Salvation” that further make Hån’s sound more crushing and diverse than similar outfits, making them stand out from the crowd. With many bands all sounding like each other, it is quite refreshing to listen to this release and find unique and different elements present.

As a whole, “Breathing the Void” one hell of a well polished Black Metal release that blends influences from the present and the ferocity of the past. We love melodic and yet intense music and Hån manages to create some of the finest in 2021. If you are looking for crushing, uncompromising, and yet crafty Black Metal, this is one of the best albums to get this year.

Band: Hån Album: Breathing the Void

Label: Northern Silence Productions

Release: January 26th, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Switzerland

Rating: 92/100

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