Korpiklaani - Jylhä (2021)


As one of the liveliest releases of 2021, we have found ourselves enjoying a bit too much of Korpiklaani’s latest full-length release “Jylhä”. Featuring over 60 minutes of the band’s signature Folk Metal, this release balances the over-the-top party songs with more mellow and melodic pieces that are great to zone of the current state of affairs of the world and enjoy a nice cold beer along the songs.

Opening with the catchy “Verikoira”, the band rapidly sets a very lively and engaging tone. The hard rocking nature of this track’s guitars alongside the crafty drumming and rich instrumentation creates a very positive and party-like atmosphere. This mood continues as the band pummels through tracks like “Niemi” , “Leväluhta” and “Mylly”, all of which feature vocalist Jonne doing his thing while layers of folk instruments nicely adorn the proceedings.

The band’s unparalleled ability to craft both songs that are for immediate fun, and more introspective pieces like “Tuuleton” and “Sanaton maa”, which showcase their musical diversity and rich instrumentation with lush accordions. For those looking for drinking/party epics, tracks like “Pohja”, “Anolan aukeat”, and the twangy “Pidot” are just the songs you are looking for.

Closing with “Juuret”, Korpiklaani delivers one of their most mature and balanced releases of their career with “Jylhä”. The tracks in this release have something for everybody and the band does a great job in further refining and streamlining their sound to be more bombastic, more playful, and more ‘Folky’ all at the same time. If you are a fan of the band, this album will not disappoint.

Band: Korpiklaani Album: Jylhä

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: February 5th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Folk Metal

Country: Finland

Rating: 91/100

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