Tribulation - Where the Gloom Becomes Sound (2021)


Delivering one of the early surprises of 2021, today we have Tribulation and their latest release “Where the Gloom Becomes Sound”. While we have never been huge fans of the band, the maturity and darkness of this release is highly addictive. The band’s Gothic/Dark Metal sound of later years has evolved very nicely, unleashing over 48 minutes of intricately crafted music that is both catchy and engaging.

Opening with the sinister “In Remembrance”, the mood instantly turns bleak thanks to Johannes Andersson’s characteristic snarl that perfectly adorns layered guitars and moody tempo changes. The band’s sound is not immediately straightforward as you get a mixture of Doomy Heavy Metal with Gothic undertones, but the band makes it quite accessible and distinct from what others are doing, a testament to this are songs like “Hour of the Wolf” and its crafty intoxicating guitars, the warm and fuzziness of “Leviathans” with some Psychedelic Metal/Rock elements, to the playful darkness of pieces like “Dirge of a Dying Soul”.

The band’s craftiness allows tracks like “Daughter of the Djinn” and “Elementals” to have a very dynamic guitar driven vibe, similar to what Uada does but with a darker and more sinister vibe. We always enjoy moody and dark, mid tempo songs, making “Inanna” one of our favorite songs in this release, however, the epicness of tracks like “Funeral Pyre” and its superbly crafty drums alongside incisive guitars and moody atmospherics are equally enjoyable.

Overall, “Where the Gloom Becomes Sound” is one hell of a release for fans of dark and melancholic music. As a mixture of The Vision Bleak, Uada, Idle Hands, and Cloak, Tribulation settles into their own unique and expansive sound, filled with cacthiness and epicness. This release is definitely one that will stay in heavy rotation at Infernal Masquerade.

Band: Tribulation Album: Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

Label: Metal Blade Records (USA) / Century Media

Release: January 29th, 2021

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Genre: Gothic/Dark Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 94/100

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