Therion - Leviathan (2021)


Labeled as the album where the band is giving fans exactly what they want: traditional Therion hit songs, Therion returns with “Leviathan”. Featuring around 45 minutes of music, this release only features epic tracks that combine both the band’s Heavy Metal catchiness and lush choirs and orchestrations. Definitely a change from “Beloved Antichrist”, this release features tracks that showcase the band’s evolution while keeping things superbly exciting and intense.

Starting with the heavy hitting “The Leaf on the Oak of Far”, we get that brilliant mixture of Heavy Metal catchiness alongside the band’s dramatic vocal arrangements and crafty tempo changes. Led by operatic vocals and lush arrangements, tracks like “Tuonela”, “Leviathan” and “Die Wellen der Zeit” unleash that perfect atmosphere that the band is known for, where things are both superbly engaging and elegant sounding.

Other tracks like “Aži Dahāka” mix the heavy guitar elements of albums like “Lepaca Kliffoth” with subtle arrangements, while tracks like “Eye of Algol” pay more attention to the current state of Symphonic Metal with over-the-top arrangements paired with dramatic choirs. We are huge fans of Thomas Vikström and how his vocals perfectly fit with Therion songs like the epic “Great Marquis of Hell” and “Psalm of Retribution”.

Always experimenting and trying different things over the years, Therion always delivers quality releases and “Leviathan” is no exception. While most songs and their style is more ‘accessible’ to fans of the band, the songwriting and arrangements are excellent and exciting. Christofer Johnsson and company continue to push the boundaries of Symphonic Metal and at least with this release, they managed to deliver lush compositions that are extremely catchy and have a beating Heavy Metal heart in them.

Band: Therion Album: Leviathan

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: January 22nd, 2021

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 91/100

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