Meister Leonhardt - Meister Leonhardt (2021)


Mysterious Russian entity Meister Leonhardt are about to start a very intense 2021 with their crushing self-titled debut release. Featuring over 26 minutes of frosty old-school Black Metal, this release is the perfect balance between aggression, melody and atmosphere. With members of bands like Thy Grave, Dekonstruktor, Goatpsalm, and Frozen Ocean, this band’s sound is pure quality and quite crafty, making this release one hell of a presentation card.

The atmospheric opener “The Coldest Fire”, serves as a nice lead to the frosty hellishness of “The Crown Of Consenescence”. This first onslaught unleashes pummeling drums, a catchy tempo and devilish shrieks. With a very retro sound, the band’s core elements are ravaging, reminding us of early Satyricon and Darkthrone days. The incisive guitar work on tracks like “Of Things Never Finished”, offers a great balance between melodic and catchy, while capturing that 80/90 BM vibe.

For those that like the punkish/black’n’roll-ish raw BM sound, tracks like “Nystagmus” are perfect to incite moshing riots and/or some furious headbanging sessions. We are huge fans of that hypnotic punishment that some mid-tempo BM songs offer, and “Thirst and Spiritual Infirmity” delivers in this regard. The atmospheric bleakness is well constructed with additional elements to create a very ritualistic and hypnotic vibe.

Saving the most crafty for last, “The Greatest Of Circles” unleashes sheer brutality with crafty melodic riffs and engaging tempo changes. As a whole, this self-titled debut showcases a very frosty and crushing release that is backed by solid musicianship and a respect for the past of the genre. If you like late 80’s/90’s BM, this release you can’t miss.

Band: Meister Leonhardt Album: Meister Leonhardt

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: January 31st, 2021

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Russia

Rating: 90/100

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