Mons Veneris - Mons Veneris (2021)


So far this 2021 has started with a good amount of aurally abusive releases and this self-titled EP from Mons Veneris fits that category perfectly. Unleashing over 20 minutes of music in this two song release, this experienced Portuguese band creates a very punishing and chaotic sound that is superbly effective in completely disturbing the listener.

Warming up with the hectic “Ritual of a Neverending Doom” we instantly get a completely crushing and dissonant atmosphere created by the buzzsaw-like guitars and lo-fi production. With plenty of different and yet creepy vocal styles, this track sets a very dark and chilling mood. “A Scythe Infested with Plagues…” blasts away with a more traditional BM structure with hellish drumming and incisive guitars. The track feels a bit more ‘normal’, but the intense vocals still give out that eerie goosebump-inducing sinister vibe.

For a short and direct EP, this self-titled release showcases the madness and eeriness behind Mons Veneris. While many bands overdo their attempts to be crushing and deranged, it comes quite naturally to this Portugese outfit, so be warned and expect the unexpected from this release.

Band: Mons Veneris Album: Mons Veneris

Label: Harvest of Death / Signal Rex

Release: January 1st, 2021

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 86/100

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