Top Death/Doom Metal releases of 2020

Another of our favorite genres had some killer releases this 2020. Perfectly fitting for a doomy and gloomy year, these bands delivered crushing albums that ooze emotion and contrast it with brutality.

Honorable Mention On Thorns I Lay - Threnos (2020)

Legendary Greek outfit delivering their signature retro sound in this excellent release, worth an honorable mention on our list this year.

Honorable Mention Aeonian Sorrow - A Life Without (2020)

Clocking in around 30 minutes, Gogo Melone and company create a lush Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal experience as they further refine their sound with this release..

5. Jupiterian - Protosapien (2020)

After terraforming listeners with their 2017 debut, Jupiterian returns with their crushing Sludgy Death Doom Metal. A release to be played at maximum volume.

4. Tomorrow’s Rain - Hollow (2020)

Hailing from Israel, this band amassed one of the most impressive guest appearances list in this highly emotional release. Thanks to including some of the biggest names in the scene, “Hollow” is one hell of a diverse and engaging release.

3. Poema Arcanvs - Stardust Solitude (2020)

Featuring a signature vocal style, this Chilean band returns with another emotive and very direct release full of soaring vocal arrangements and crafty old-school riffs.

2. My Dying Bride - The Ghost of Orion (2020)

Five years in the making, the legendary My Dying Bride unleashes “The Ghost of Orion”, after a dark period in the band’s life. Oozing emotion and rawness, this is one of the best albums in the band’s career.

1. Clouds - Durere (2020)

Topping our list, Clouds delivers raw emotions in their releases and “Durere” has the band taking this even further. As a very well oiled machine, the grief and misery oozed by the album is comparable to none.


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