Top Atmospheric / Experimental / Post Black Metal albums of 2020

Black Metal has evolved in very interesting ways adding highly atmospheric and experimental features to its raw roots. In this list, we aim to highlight the best releases that continue to expand the genre’s horizons and create unique atmospheric/emotional experiences for listeners.

10. Aethyrick - Gnosis (2020)

Blending traditional BM elements with more refined Atmospheric and Post-BM elements, this Finnish duo unleashed one hell of a release.

9. Epitimia - Allusion (2020)

Hailing from Russia, Epitimia features a very oppressive and yet engaging sound that is both very moody and punishing.

8. An Autumn for Crippled Children - All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet (2020)

Emotionally charged Post-BM/Blackgaze release from this Dutch outfit that only keeps getting better with time.

7. Psychonaut 4 - Beautyfall (2020)

Sonically abusive release from this Georgian band, mixing some local elements with an already very crafty and melancholic Depressive/Suicidal BM core.

6. Kall - Brand (2020)

Unique release combining depressive rock elements with suicidal/depressive Black Metal, producing a very mellow and yet violent and melancholic sound. Truly original and quite disturbing sound.

5. Blaze of Sorrow - Absentia (2020)

Taking their lush Atmospheric Black Metal to new heights, this Italian outfit delivers one of the most powerful, diverse, and crafty releases of 2020. Highly recommended for fans of Agalloch, Fen and Saor.

4. Fluisteraars - Bloem (2020)

Contrasting beauty with melancholy and aggression is the simplest way of describing “Bloem”. As one of the most unique bands in the scene, this release showcases the band’s emotionally charged musical creativity.

3. Akhlys - Melinoë (2020)

Blistering and oppressive, “Melinoë” is one of those albums that changes your mood while transporting you on an aural journey. Naas Alcameth shows once again he is one of the most creative USBM musicians.

2. Aara - En Ergô Einai (2020)

Mixing elements from 90’s BM with more modern Post-BM influences and tons of atmosphere, this release is a true gem that delivers over 33 minutes of captivating music.

1. A Light in the Dark - Insomnia (2020)

We are huge fans of dreamy Post-BM/Blackgaze and this release hits all the marks with lush atmospherics, catchy passages, and traditional harsh vocals. While these releases usually sound all alike, A Light in the Dark delivers uniquely engaging songs, making up a great listening experience.


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