Top Black Metal releases of 2020

The year 2020 had some intense Black Metal albums being unleashed into the wild. We don’t discriminate and love both raw and oppressive BM alongside Melodic/Symphonic stuff, hence this list we include Black/Death Metal, Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal and traditional Black Metal.

Honorable Mention God Dethroned - Illuminati (2020)

Crushing return from this Blackened Death Metal Dutch outfit, firm, pummeling, and to the point.

Honorable Mention Sad - Misty Breath of Ancient Forests (2020)

Frosty Greek BM that has a distinctive Scandinavian vibe, but also delivers their own brand of brutality.

10. Eisenkult - ...gedenken wir der Fisnternis (2020)

German BM featuring members of Mavorim, Totenwache, Meuchelmord. The band’s sound is the perfect mixture of old-school vibes with a modern edge.

9. The Kryptik - Behold Fortress Inferno (2020)

The Brazilian duo behind this band have managed to capture that old-school Symphonic Black Metal sound from bands like Limbonic Art and Tartaros and make it their own in this brilliant 40-minute EP.

8. Entartung - Maleficae Artes (2020)

Brutal and incisive Black Metal with an atmospheric edge from Germany. Definitely intense and punishing.

7. Glaciation - Ultime éclat (2020)

Hands down one of the most intense and impressive Symphonic Black Metal releases in a couple of years. Feels like a continuation of the French band Anorexia Nervosa, as RMS Hreidmarr is the vocalist of this outfit.

6. Árstíðir lífsins - Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjǫll né firðir (2020)

Very impressive ritualistic Pagan/Black Metal release from Iceland, a true musical experience of both brutal and atmospheric nature.

5. Valravn - Prey (2020)

Blistering and savage Black Metal from Finland. Mixing up relentless brutality with crafty instrumentation allows this band to be both brutal and yet well crafted.

4. Blight - Temple of Wounds (2020)

Canadian pummeling Black/Death Metal similar to bands like Behemoth and Hate makes it high on our list thanks to their relentless brutality and demoralizing aggression.

3. Blaze of Perdition - The Harrowing of Hearts (2020)

Jumping onto Metal Blade Records made this Polish outfit deliver their best effort to date. Uncompromising and filled with interesting details, this release is aurally oppressive.

2. Azarath - Saint Desecration (2020)

Led by Inferno (Behemoth), this outfit delivered one of the most intense Blackened Death Metal releases of 2020. As the band has slowly transitioned into this genre, their releases are getting more intense and better crafted, creating a very hellish and pummeling combination.

1. Horna - Kuoleman Kirjo (2020)

The kings of Black Metal return with another monster release filled with hate and craftsmanship. As the premiere BM outfit from Finland, the band continues to deliver above their expectations with every release, moving away from formulaic approaches and leveling everything in their path.


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