Top Melodic Death Metal releases of 2020

As one of our favorite genres, Melodic Death Metal had some killer releases in 2020. This list represents some of the best ones we thoroughly enjoyed. Not that you might see some obvious ones missing, and this is due to them being on our main best albums of the year list. However, all these bands deserve recognition for their amazing releases.

Honorable Mention Hinayana - Death Of The Cosmic (2020)

Very unique and multifaceted EP, the band shows some serious chops and we can’t wait for a full-length from them.

5. Voices of Ruin - Path to Immortality (2020)

With a certain Amon Amarth vibe, this American band delivered an epic 47 minutes of superbly catchy music.

4. Meridian Dawn - The Fever Syndrome (2020)

A bit outside of the norm, this international outfit delivered a crafty and diverse release that any fan of the genre will greatly enjoy.

3. Noumena - Anima (2020)

We can’t shake off that awesome old-school Amorphis and Insomnium vibe from this band’s music. The folky elements and female vocals are a niche touch to a very engaging and headbangable musical core.

2. Décembre Noir - The Renaissance of Hope (2020)

The band’s sound borders a bit more in Doomy territories than traditional Melodic Death Metal, but the catchiness and intensity of the music made us keep this release on this list.

1. Wolfheart - Wolves of Karelia (2020)

Featuring a signature sound that is instantly recognizable, Tuomas Saukkonen and company managed to craft a very powerful and engaging album. While a bit heavier than some of their earlier stuff, whenever we think of Finnish Melodic Death Metal we instantly recall the band’s style.


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