Psychonaut 4 - Beautyfall (2020)


Hailing from Georgia, a place where we have only heard of a few bands, today we have deranged outfit Psychonaut 4 and their latest opus “Beautyfall”. As one of the weirdest and intense bands in Depressive Black Metal, this album showcases their maturity and intensity of their craft. We rarely review albums we didn’t receive for review, but this release is one that has been in constant rotation in our playlist and we believe more and more people should know about this excellent band.

The release kicks off in style with the pummeling opening of “One Man's War”, showcasing that this album will be heavy and yet feature a good dose of melody as the song evolves alongside dramatic vocal arrangements and solid guitar work. Our favorite track in this release, and probably one of our top 10 of the year has to be the emotive “Tbilisian Tragedy”. We particularly enjoy the eerie atmospherics and funky tempo changes, transmitting magical misery through its mixture of clean vocal passages and dramatic guitars.

Continuing down the rabbit hole, “...And How Are You?” is another masterful piece of raw emotions and the band’s signature unique musical style. Things go even crazier with the cozy and jazzy weirdness of “#Tokeepandtouse” and the bipolarness of “Sana Sana Sana, Cura Cura Cura”. With the release hitting its ‘weirdness’ stride, tracks like “And Sorrow, Again” and “Dust, the Enemy” are just the icing on this very unique and diverse cake thanks to funky tempo changes and a very engaging saxophone track.

Overall, “Beautyfall” is one of those releases that showcases how any genre can still be expanded and completely bent out of shape. Psychonaut 4’s sound is as unique and engaging as it gets and for over 50 minutes they manage to enthrall and weird out the listener in very diverse and enjoyable ways. If you are looking for a haunting release filled with interesting compositions that blend multiple genres into Depressive Black Metal, be sure to pick up a copy of this release.

Band: Psychonaut 4 Album: Beautyfall

Label: Tallheim Records

Release: October 31st, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Country: Georgia

Rating: 95/100

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