Iron Savior - Skycrest (2020)


Making this craptastic 2020 a little more lively, today we have Iron Savior and their superbly epic release “Skycrest”. Featuring nearly an hour of music, this release will excite all Power Metal fans thanks to its epic vocal arrangements and crafty instrumentation. Led by Piet Sielck, this band continues to get better and more refined with time, and this album showcases their best skills.

After the grandiose opening, the album title track sets a very exciting mood with excellent guitar work and very dramatic vocal arrangements. The epicness of the band’s sound is quickly established as tracks like “Our Time Has Come”, “Hellbreaker”, and “Souleater” perfectly balance catchiness, technical proficiency (crazy guitar solos), and a very ‘Heavy Metal’ attitude around a timeless old-school sound with no gimmicks and just power.

Our favorite track has to be the very emotional “Welcome to the New World” and its superbly catchy and old-school sounding chorus sections. We particularly enjoy that Iron Savior has no need for over the top orchestrations or samples to create a very exciting and engaging atmosphere, just the core Metal elements and excellent songwriting from their part. Full of energy, the band deliver superb anthems like “Silver Bullet”, “There Can Be Only One”, and more restrained and melancholic pieces like “Raise the Flag” and “Erase Your Pain”.

Saving one of their best tracks for last, “Ode to the Brave” leaves the listener on an adrenaline rush and definitely wanting more. Overall, “Skycrest” is one of those releases that are epic as fuck and meant to be enjoyed on very loud volume or in the live setting. Iron Savior continues to be at the top of their game and we are psyched for the future opportunity to listen to these epic tracks live, but until then, the production of this release makes it sound as awesome in the comfort of your own home.

Band: Iron Savior Album: Skycrest

Label: AFM Records

Release: December 4th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Power Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 92/100

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