Exitium Sui - Ad Personam (2020)


Dramatically balancing brutality with sheer beauty, today we have Exitium Sui and their debut release “Ad Personam”. Mixing elements of Black/Death Metal with lush atmospherics and excellent vocal arrangements, this release delivers over 35 minutes of excellently crafted music. One-man projects usually allow musicians to craft exactly the music they want, with no compromises, and this release shows a very personal and crushing aural experience.

The release kicks off with the punishing “Eviscerate My Withered Soul”, which has a more traditional Death/Black sound but with a calmer pace and an intriguing and very subtle atmospheric undertone. The vibe continues to get bleaker in songs like “The Long Return To Nothing” and “Into The Conflagration”, while delivering a hefty dose of harsh growls and crushing guitars. It is quite interesting how the release slowly builds up its atmospheric components and turns darker as the minutes pass.

As the absolute stand-out track of this release, “Tragedy In D Minor” is one of those emotional tour-de-force songs that nicely builds on Doomy riffs and a very dramatic combination of operatic clean vocals and inhuman growls and screams. If you are not fully drained by how awesome and powerful the previous track is, “Nothing Left to Give” and “Which Fate is Ours to Come” feature very dramatic arrangements and even Doomier riffs and crushing atmospheric elements.

Nicely surprised at how the release transforms from the first song to the last, we are quite impressed with Exitium Sui’s debut release. Brilliantly mixed and produced by Déhà, this album has a completely impressive melancholic edge to it that very few bands manage to deliver. If you are in the mood for something quite diverse, atmospheric, and soul crushing, this is the album for you.

Band: Exitium Sui Album: Ad Personam

Label: Naturmacht Productions

Release: November 27th, 2020

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Genre: Atmospheric Black/Death/Doom Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 91/100

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