Veil of Secrets - Dead Poetry (2020)


Finally, after years of waiting, Vibeke Stenne marks her return to the Metal scene with Veil of Secrets and their melancholic debut release “Dead Poetry”. Alongside Asgeir Mickelson, Vibeke graces us with eight tracks and nearly 50 minutes of highly emotional music, that is both dark and Doomy. While some people might have expected something more similar to old Tristania, this release showcases great maturity and undeniable vocal talents, while carving a different and distinctive sound.

Opening with the incisive guitars of “The Last Attempt”, the band instantly gives off a vibe similar to the short-lived Proggy/Doomy Alas from Erik Rutan and Martina Hornbacher. The atmosphere in this release is quite dark and very cohesive, crafted with only a few elements such as solemn violins from Sareeta and the occasional growl from Erling Malm. This allows Vibeke’s vocals to truly shine alongside weeping guitars, making tracks like “Sear The Fallen”, “Remorseful Heart”, and “The Lie Of Her Prosperity” quite effective and direct.

The thing we particularly love about this release is that Asgeir and Vibeke ventured out to define their own sound and not just delivered a cabron copy of what either of them have done in the past. Both “Fey” and “Bryd” showcase this unique style with very somber guitar riffs creating an oppressive atmosphere as the clean vocals provide a certain ray of light across such a dark and melancholic atmosphere, completely brilliant and just what the doctor ordered for winter.

Closing with the Draconian-esque “Entirety”, we are quite pleased with Vibeke’s return as it showcases her vocal evolution and a darker side to her talents. Completely unexpected and yet totally satisfying, “Veil of Secrets” is one of those sleeper releases that could top our best Doom albums of the year list thanks to its powerful guitarwork and somber atmosphere. Sending chills down your spine, both Vibeke and Asgeir have managed to craft a truly unique and sonically impressive release.

Band: Veil of Secrets Album: Dead Poetry

Label: Crime Records

Release: November 30th, 2020

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Genre: Doom/Gothic Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 95/100

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