Sodom - Genesis XIX (2020)


Unleashing one of the most fierce and pummeling Thrash Metal releases of 2020, today we have the legendary Sodom and their latest effort “Genesis XIX”. With a new crew behind this release, Tom Angelripper manages to craft nearly 55 minutes of incisive music, split into ten high-octane songs that will have you headbanging from beginning to end. It goes without saying that this release is highly recommended for any Thrash Metal fan.

The riffing onslaught begins with the short opener, “Blind Superstition” and nicely bleeds into the vicious “Euthanasia”. With new band members, since the last full-length, Yorck Segatz and Toni Merkel, the band shines with crafty drums and powerful guitar arrangements, when paired with Frank Blackfire (who was in the band at some point in the late 80’s). This revitalized core allows the band to rip through pieces like “Genesis XIX”, “Sodom & Gomorra”, and the sinister “Dehumanized”, all of this while delivering blistering guitar leads and superb drumming.

With a refreshed and more aggressive sound, tracks like “Nicht mehr mein Land”, “Waldo & Pigpen”, and “The Harpooneer” also show some a more melodic and sinister side to the band’s pummeling sound. We particularly love the shredding bass guitar line of the Thrash/Punk-ish anthem “Indoctrination” and its very hectic vibe. Aided by an extremely clear and crisp production, all songs in this release are quite intense and aggressive in nature.

As a whole, “Genesis XIX” is definitely the best Thrash Metal release we have reviewed in 2020, showcasing that Sodom still has plenty of fuel left in the tank. If you like blistering guitar leads, intricate drum patterns, and a balls-to-the-wall attitude, this release will be hard to beat. We can’t wait to hear the band in the road in 2021 playing some of these killer tracks alongside their classics.

Band: Sodom Album: Genesis XIX

Label: SPV / Entertainment One Music

Release: November 27th, 2020

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Genre:Thrash Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 94/100

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