Psycroptic - The Watcher of All (2020)


Delivering a swift, short, and sweet EP, today we have Australia’s premiere Technical Death Metal unit Pyscroptic and their crushing EP “The Watcher of All”. Perfectly maturing over time, the band’s sound is as tight as ever with even some Thrash elements thrown into the mix to create a very high-octane set of tracks that will generate great expectation within their fan-base.

The release kicks off with the crafty “A Fragile Existence” and its intricate guitar work. The band’s technical proficiency does not get in the way of catchiness as this track is both engaging, complex and perfect for headbanging. The mixture of screams and growls is well balanced, creating an intense atmosphere. The album title track starts off with a certain Testament-like vibe as it rages through intense riffing, superbly crafted drum patterns and a total balls-to-the-wall vicious intensity.

As one of the shortest EP’s of 2020, “The Watcher of All” it is definitely worth your time and investment as it is quite well produced and punishing as hell. Psycroptic continues to refine their craft and along the way they have unleashed excellent releases, this being one of them. If you like intense, crafty, and complex Technical Death Metal, this needs to be in your collection.

Band: Psycroptic Album: The Watcher of All

Label: Agonia Records

Release: November 27th, 2020

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Genre: Technical Death Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 92/100

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