Uthullun - Dirges for the Void (2020)


From the endless amounts of releases that make it to our inbox, it is always pleasing to discover some diamonds in rough, these being releases like Uthullun’s debut “Dirges for the Void” which make us dig deeper into the band’s history looking for more music. In this debut release, the band unleashes over 40 minutes of sinister and very crafty Black Metal that is both dissonant and yet catchy and melancholic.

Opening with the cavernous “Sunless”, the band has a very refined style that never abuses its core elements and delivers just the right amount of brutality and tremolo-picking to create a sinister atmosphere. As “Silence”, “Penitence” and “Ecstasies” unleash hellish fury, we also hear great craftiness and restraint to create punishing atmospheres that are not necessarily extreme, but rather well constructed and developed.

By the time our favorite track, “Pyre”, comes around, the band has unleashed a masterclass in delivery of very crafty and detail-oriented music that while sounding like other BM, it clearly outlines a signature sound. We particularly enjoy this track and its hypnotic build-up, with a piercing combination of incisive riffs and a jazzy bass guitar line. For those looking for unrestrained aggression, tracks like “Returning Home” showcase that side of the band with great style.

As the melancholy of “Down The Rivers Of Spilled Blood” closes this release, Uthullun has managed to create a very powerful and well crafted debut release. All songs have the perfect balance between melody and aggression, creating a very piercing and characteristic sound for this band. If you are looking for an interesting USBM band, be sure to check out “Dirges for the Void” and keep an eye out for this promising outfit.

Band: Uthullun Album: Dirges for the Void

Label: Wolves of Hades Records

Release: November 13th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 91/100

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