Ventr - Numinous Negativity (2020)


Unleashing nearly 25 minutes of sinister Black Metal dissonance, Portugal’s Ventr make a big splash with their debut EP “Numinous Negativity”. With a very stripped down sound that will send chills down your spine, this band crafts four tracks that are both violent and engaging, creating a magical aura as they introduce themselves to the world.

Blasting through the listener with the brutal “Omnipresent Abominations”, the band sets a high-octane mood with their incisive guitar riffs and hellish vocals. While the band’s vocalist goes for the deep and raspy styled vocals, alongside the pummeling music, they create a very cavernous and yet enigmatic sound. Setting a more restrained and yet demonic mood, “Our Altar of Murderous Fanaticism” delivers a chilling nearly 8-minute track filled with traditional tremolo picking and BM punkish drumming.

Resetting with the atmospheric title track, the band continues to create an eerie and mysterious atmosphere. Going all out with the razor sharp riffs of “A Dagger to Worship”, Ventr comes full cycle in this devastating and well crafted debut EP. Far from your typical Black Metal outfit, this band perfectly creates a very ritualistic atmosphere while laying down some intense drumming and crafty guitar arrangements. If you like BM, this is one sleeper release to get in 2020.

Band: Ventr Album: Numinous Negativity

Label: Signal Rex

Release: October 9th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Portugal

Rating: 91/100

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