Engulfed - Vengeance of the Fallen (2020)


Hailing from Turkey, today we have hard-hitting Death Metal battalion Engulfed and their latest effort: “Vengeance of the Fallen”. For a 25+ minute EP this release packs a mean punch with crushing riffs and crafty tempo changes, making the album quite engaging and unlike most of the very linear and dull Death Metal that kids release these days. If you are a fan of bands like Centinex, Origin and similar, you will find this album very enjoyable.

Opening with the vicious “Rite Abandoned Heretics”, the band delivers a swift kick to the nuts with their relentless guitar work and brutal growls. Clocking in at around 8 minutes, this is definitely one of the longest Death Metal tracks we have heard in awhile, and luckily the band has the chops to keep it interesting and punishing. The guitar leads and tempo changes of “Summoning The Black Death”, make for a very interesting follow-up to a very pummeling opening piece.

Bringing in the big guns on “Cycle of Black Altar”, the band delivers plenty of memorable headbanging melodic passages that intertwine with sheer brutality and intensity. As a three-man outfit, the band pushes their aural limits with a very comprehensive and balanced sound, with all instruments flawlessly crafted to unleash maximum amounts of pain as “Scorched” demonstrates.

Overall, “Vengeance of the Fallen” is one hell of a powerful Death Metal EP, that while traditional it still does not feel like the countless uninspired releases from the genre that we get every week. If you like brutality similar to Krisium and technical proficiency comparable to Grave or Centinex, then Engulfed is a band to keep an eye out for.

Band: Engulfed Album: Vengeance of the Fallen

Label: Me Saco un Ojo Records

Release: December 7th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Turkey

Rating: 91/100

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