My Dying Bride - Macabre Cabaret (2020)


As a nice complement to “Ghost of Orion”, today we have My Dying Bride’s latest EP titled “Macabre Cabaret”. Featuring over 20 minutes of new music, this EP is the perfect continuation to an already superbly impressive release earlier this year. Filled with melancholy and pain, the three new songs presented here as a must-have for fans of the band and the genre.

The release opens with the creepy atmospherics and thunderous bass guitar lines of the EP’s title track. This song slowly evolves into a crushing experience with the band’s signature riffs and eerie ambiance. Lasting 10 minutes, this piece features some very eerie interludes that lead into chilling passages of Aaron’s harrowing clean vocals. Continuing the bleak mood, “A Purse of Gold and Stars” nicely continues the band’s dark and somber musical experience with a very subtle and yet elegant piece.

The last track of the regular version of this release is the sweeping “A Secret Kiss”, a song that reminded us of the band’s “The Angel and the Dark River” and “Like Gods of the Sun” days, thanks to its vocal arrangements and piercing guitar work. The bonus track in the vinyl edition of this EP is the melancholic “Orchestral Shores” which nicely closes this release with a dominant atmosphere and minimalistic instrumentation.

Having recorded too many songs during the “Ghost of Orion” sessions, it is quite nice for fans of the band to not have to wait a few years for more music from My Dying Bride. If you are a fan of the band and the genre, this is a must have release for your collection, particularly the different and limited vinyl variants.

Band: My Dying Bride Album: Macabre Cabaret

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: November 20th, 2020

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Genre: Death/Doom Metal

Country: UK

Rating: 93/100

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