Light Field Reverie - Another World (2020)


With the state of affairs in 2020, music has been a great escape for many. With “Another World”, Light Field Reverie beautifully transport the listener on a highly ethereal journey with their captivating music. Featuring both members of Draconian and Sojourner, this release unleashes over 40 minutes of majestic music that incorporates tons of different elements outside of the normal Metal music scope.

Opening with the dreamy “Ultraviolet”, we are greeted with the sultry vocals of Heike Langhans and very moody atmospheric elements ranging from electronic beats, to dreamy synths. Alongside the atmospherics, we also have a well defined Doom-ish structure of heavy guitar riffs and crafty drums, creating a very piercing and yet enigmatic sound, as tracks morph between highly emotional passages to heavier counterparts, like on “The Oldest house”.

One of the bleakest and most heartfelt tracks in this release has to be the amazing “Ghost Bird” and its hypnotic pace, thanks to its subtle Doomy guitars, solemn clean vocals, and perfectly arranged contrasting growls. This is one of those heavy-hitting tracks that oozes melancholy thanks to its dynamics between the heavy elements and the dreamy atmospherics. For those looking more for songs with a Goth-ier edge, “Another World” provides that Theatre of Tragedy “Musique” era vibe.

As the release rounds up with the exploratory musings of opening of “Dreamwalker”, and the highly enigmatic and lush arrangements of “All Roads Lead Home”, we are left blown away with the quality and seamless integration of a great variety of elements found in “Another World”. Highly recommended for fans of melancholic music, this album certainly will make you forget about the harshness of reality with its magical ambiance.

Band: Light Field Reverie Album: Another World

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: November 20th, 2020

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Genre: Drone/Darkwave / Doom Metal

Country: International

Rating: 93/100

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