For Ruin - Elapse (2020)


With hundreds of releases making into our inbox every day, we need to carefully pick which ones we listen to. Band releases that are ‘professionally’ submitted usually get our attention over non-major label releases. Lucky for us, today we have For Ruin and their killer self-released EP “Elapse”. Delivering nearly 20 minutes of blistering Melodic Death Metal, these types of musical discoveries are what makes our day at Infernal Masquerade.

Opening with the quick and pummeling “Elapse”, the band sets a very hectic and engaging energy from the get go. Reminding us a bit of bands like Kalmah and Mors Principium Est, this track nicely leads into the riffing acrobatics of “Fiel to the Fire”. The mixture of clean and harsh vocals is well balanced with the faster paced sections in this highly headbangable track.

After warming up the listener with two killer initial songs, “The Worm Turned” is the best track in this release, delivering killer guitar leads and an intense tempo. The throbbing bass guitar line is a nice addition to a very crafty and enjoyable piece that has a certain exploratory edge to it. Closing with the crispy distorted guitars of “The Measure of A Man”, the band showcases an even more melodic and epic side to their sound.

Overall, “Elapse” is one hell of a release from this one-man outfit that while combining tons of influences, manages to craft their own unique sound. If you are in the market for tons of melodic riffs, high-octane passages, and lush vocal arrangements, this release will be a very nice companion to 2020 Melodic Death Metal standout releases from both Dark Tranquillity and Countless Skies.

Band: For Ruin Album: Elapse

Label: Self-Released

Release: September 17th, 2020

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Country: Ireland

Rating: 92/100

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