Völur - Death Cult (2020)


The always mysterious and intoxicating sound of Völur is quite hard to describe but completely unique to experience. Delivering their third full-length release “Death Cult”, the band continues their path of darkness with a very lush, engaging, and captivating release. For nearly 40 minutes the band transports the listener into a very unique and mystical folky world that is beautifully crafted.

Starting with the hypnotic “Inviolate Grove”, the band quickly creates a very distressing atmosphere thanks to the dramatic use of string instruments and a captivating bass guitar line. For those not familiar with the band, Völur shies away from your traditional distorted guitars to a combination of pummeling bass guitar, electric violins/violas, and lush percussions, creating a very unique and dense atmosphere that can only be compared to some extent to parts of bands like Elend and early Silent Stream of Godless Elegy.

The haunting vocal arrangements of “Dead Moon” continue the album’s enigmatic atmosphere, but it is the use of solemn classical instruments that further empowers the band’s ambiance. All three musicians perfectly intertwine their skills to create creepy moments that are both bleak and hellish when the harsh vocals come to play. It is around the time “Freyjan Death Cult” rolls in that you realize that you have not been hearing any distorted guitars, but you are already hooked by then. This last track has a very nice bluesy/folky improvisational nature that is nicely contrasted by dissonant experimental elements as the song progresses.

Closing the release with “Reverend Queen”, are left captivated by how Völur manages to create very intricate and dark atmospheres that transport the listener. While this might not be obvious on the first spin, albums like “Death Cult” need more than a few spins to really get into the right mindset and ley yourself be aurally transported while discovering all their intricacies.

Band: Völur Album: Death Cult

Label: Art of Propaganda

Release: November 13th, 2020

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Genre: Experimental Atmospheric Folk/Doom Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 93/100

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